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Frequently Asked Questions


The Collaborative will abide by the copyright and limited use clause as set by the database vendors' license agreements and Fair Use Guidelines. The Collaborative follows the U.S. Copyright Laws (Title 17 of U.S. Code).

Technical Information

Note: To use all features of QuestionPoint, you need an Internet connection (the faster the connection the better the experience). Also, make sure to turn off pop-up blocker.

To use all features of QuestionPoint you need:

To use the basic features of QuestionPoint you need:

Mac Users: We recommend Firefox browser for Mac users.

Linux Users: We recommend using Firefox browser.

Not able to connect?

Try emailing your question to your library, go to the Participating Libraries page.

QuestionPoint Documentation

QuestionPoint documentation is available at http://www.questionpoint.org/web/requirements/index.html.

The Collaborative uses OCLC QuestionPoint Ask a Librarian software.

About the Service

Why isn't my library listed?

Research Help Now is a service of participating Michigan Community Colleges and Michigan universities, and is an optional service available to libraries throughout the State of Michigan. It is up to the individual libraries to decide if they would like to join. If your library is not participating, encourage them to learn more about the service by contacting RHN co-administrators Sandy McCarthy ([email protected]) or Ann Walaskay ([email protected])

If my library doesn't participate in this service, can I still use it?

Patrons or students of non-participating libraries may still use the service but may be redirected to their own affiliated institution or local public library.

The service is also provided for students and instructors in the Michigan Community College Virtual Learning Collaborative (MCCVLC).

Why do I need to select my library, if I am not usually chatting with one of my local librarians anyway?

Since Research Help Now is a collaborative service, many times you will be chatting with a librarian that is not from your local library. Selecting your library from the list at Researchhelpnow.org, or accessing the service from your local library's website, identifies your local affiliation to the chatting librarian. They will then be more easily able to know your affiliation, as well as find resources specific to your local library.

If this is a service for the participating Michigan community colleges and universities, why am I often chatting with librarians across the country?

Although Research Help Now is a collaboration of Michigan community colleges and universities, we also partner with the global 24/7 Reference cooperative, made up of librarians across the country and even some in the United Kingdom. If none of the RHN librarians are online when you ask your question (or if they are busy with other patrons), then a librarian from the global cooperative will answer you.