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Annual Meetings

April 17, 2015

Program at Washtenaw Community College, Morris Lawrence Building

Program Agenda

Best Transcript Award - Cynthia Simpson

Best Transcript Winner 2015

Runner Up 1

Runner Up 2

Runner Up 3

April 25, 2014

Program was held Eastern Michigan University Hale Library

Program Agenda with links to presenter presentations

Business Meeting Agenda

April 26, 2013


Best Transcript Award - Mary Beeker

QuestionPoint Wren Spangler

Instruction In Chat - Sara Memmott and Lisa Klopfer

Institutional Tips

Feedback Form

April 13, 2012


Best Transcript Awards - Heidi Schroeder

Research Help Now Website Redesign - Sandy McCarthy

Collaborative Strategic Planning - Sandy McCarthy

Summary Three Follow Up Questions QP Quality Assurance

24/7 Cooperative -- Wren Sprangler Best Practices/Quality Assurance

Michigan Review - Christine Tobias

Collaborative Marketing Discussion - Sandy McCarthy

Summary Three Follow Up Questions

Feedback Form

April 8, 2011


Best Transcript Awards

Cooperative Virtual Reference Assessment Project - Quality of Service Doc

What Makes for Great Virtual Reference? A Madlibs Method of Discovery

How to Use Jing - Transcript 1 & Transcript 2

Handling Multiple Simultaneous Users

Feedback Form

December 3, 2010


Welcome and Introduction

Increasing your Use Statistics with Best Practices for Link Placement

Summary of SurveyMonkey

Adding Qwidget in Library Resources Handout

Branding - What Do We Call Ourselves?

Texting at SC4

24/7 Qwidget Roll Out - Answer Percentage Rate and Staffing

When to Label a Call Follow Up by Patron Librarian - Transcript 1, Transcript 2, Transcript 3, Transcript 4

Virtual Monthly VR Discussions

Information Literacy Standards with Virtual Reference: Do we Teach Online? - Transcript 1, Transcript 2, Transcript 3

Feedback Form Summary

November 13, 2009


Michigan Virtual Reference

November 13, 2008

Balance of Power and Negotiation of Meaning in Virtual Reference Learning Environments presented by Mary Kickham-Samy at the November 13, 2008 Annual Meeting

September 19, 2007



September 29, 2006



September 23, 2005



Feedback Summary